Aurora borealis in Iceland
Visit Iceland with an Icelandair Student Ticket. Stopover in Reykjavik on your way to Europe, or visit this amazing and beautiful country on it's own.

Icelandair Student Tickets

Get free stopovers in Iceland on your way to Europe

See Iceland with an Icelandair student ticket from STA Travel. Looking for a stopover in Reykjavik on your way to Europe? Simply use select Multi-city on our Advance Flight Search and include a stop in Reykjavik (airport code KEF). More

Sightseeing in Iceland

Day Trips, Sightseeing & Things to Do

Make the most of your trip to Iceland when you plan ahead. Explore spouting geysers, tumbling waterfalls and ancient volcanoa range with a day trip from Reykjavik, plan a relaxing visit to the Blue Lagoon, take a Whale Safari and visit Puffin Island, plus much more! More

Artic Adventures

Explore the North Pole

From close-up encounters with icebergs and glaciers to the region’s plentiful wildlife, these trips offer the chances to spot explore this landscape not only by ship but also on foot and by Zodiac. Roaming polar bears, lounging seals, grazing reindeer and colonies of birds all co-exist in this harsh land we dare only to explore a couple months of the year. More

Iceland Hotels

Search Hotels and Hostels in Iceland

Search our range of accommodation in Reykjavik and the rest of Iceland. More

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