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Written by: Ellenor Argyropoulos of Australia


One of the things I've noticed whilst traveling around my country is how much there is to see and do that I never realized before. When people think Australia they think of the surfing, the beaches and big cities like Sydney & Melbourne. As a city girl myself, having had the opportunity to get outside of that bubble has just been incredible because quite literally I have been blown away by just how different each place can be.

Having traveled to several countries before in my life what I've loved so far about traveling in Australia are all the personal experiences, the hidden gems and the cool job opportunities around.

Our size compared to our population separates us from many other countries because it means that a lot of the experiences on offer here, be it city or off road adventures are extremely personalized which means you end up having a heck of a lot more fun, you get to know and trust your guides like they're you're mates and the experience ends up being more than just memorable. I've been as South as you can go driving boats and slip lining, I've been to the most Northerly point, hiking in the desert, swimming in rock pools, snorkeling with sea turtles and I've been through the middle, tasting some of the finest food and wine and best coffee there ever was on offer.

Our Aboriginal heritage makes for a good cultural experience learning point, and our brief history has seen so many cultures settle here from all around the world so as a traveler here, you really do have everything at your doorstep and it's in a completely different environment to what you would expect.

What's surprised me the most is the fact that I have so many varied experiences at my doorstep that I just never knew about until I dropped everything and opened myself up to explore… and I've only done a tiny portion! Once you start, the road to discovery is extremely addictive, I want to push myself and see it all. There's different slang in different states, different ways of life, different delicacies and different music, there's just so much!

I've also been surprised by how much natural and untouched landscape we have! It's just beautiful and when you're in the presence of Mother Nature, you have the chance to close your eyes and listen to about 20 species of birds singing, it's quite magical.

Australia is also a great place to be in as a backpacker because you get to meet people.  I've noticed a lot of people don't know much about this country, so making friends along your travels is much easier and one of the highlights for me is meeting backpackers who knew next to nothing and are now living here with other travelers they've met on the road doing the same thing and finding jobs together so they can stay longer and keep traveling to explore the country.

The jobs out here are quite different, so far the best backpacker job I've come across is working at Darwin's famous “Crocosaurus Cove” as a photographer taking snaps of tourists swallowing their fear and jumping in the cage of death to swim with a real life croc!

I can't wait to see what else this Great Southern land has in store for me next and feel very proud to call this wonderful country my home.