Park Ranger in Queensland

Written by: Elisa Detrez of France


What does your job entail?

Thanks to Best job in the world, I now will experience for 6 months the life of a "special" ranger, where I will travel all around Queensland, visiting National Parks and working alongside the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers. I will not only learn a lot about their job but I also will have lots of fun enjoying what the State has to offer.

What are you most looking forward to about your job?

My position is very exciting as I get the opportunity to learn everyday more about Australian wildlife, nature and a rangers' life. I know I am going to love it as I will get to discover new things all the time!

My whole itinerary looks terrific but I would say so far that diving on the Great Barrier Reef was a highlight. Being in the Outback was also quite pleasant. I now look forward to exploring the many islands of the Whitsundays :-)  My most impressive adventure so far was mustering cattle from the air in a chopper at Robin Hood Station (Cobbold Gorge)!!

What you've loved so far about Australia?

The climate is a big change for me, coming from France! I love it here in Queensland, the sun is always shining :-) I also love the diversity of the landscapes and wildlife - always special animals to get to know! The hospitality of the Australians is something I particularly appreciate too.

What were you most surprised about?

The fact that Queensland has so much to offer!! You can spend months and months traveling coming into contact with so many new unique experiences. It has been 2 months and already I have experienced so many different landscapes (rainforest, outback, reef, savannah etc ).

What's the best backpacker job you've come across so far?

Working on a boat such as ProDive on the Reef, taking tourists out daily to snorkel on the reef.

Sum up the State in five words...

Natural wonders
Remote Wilderness