South Australia

Like wine? Love South Australia. From rolling hills of vineyards and the Flinders Mountain Ranges, to wide sandy beaches and Kangaroo Island, the state of South Australia embodies what Australia is all about. A diverse terrain that spans from the dry Australian Outback to the turquoise whale-spotting waters of the Eyre Peninsula, with the vibrant capital of Adelaide allowing easy access to all the great sights, South Australia has the whole package.

South Australia prides itself on having the best wine and food in the country. Visit the Barossa Valley, the wine capital of Australia, or embrace the thriving culinary scene and pub culture of Adelaide (known by fans as Radelaide!). With most of Adelaide’s non-Anglo inhabitants being Italian, there is a real Mediterranean influence to the lifestyle here; alfresco dining and outdoor festivals make Adelaide a relaxing place to kick back and enjoy the pretty surroundings.