Perth & Western Aus

Immense, photogenic, rugged and fertile, Western Australia is the epitome of Australian adventure. Dominating a huge surface area of the country, Western Australia is rife with extreme scenery; stunning gorges, magnificent waterfalls, white beaches, aquamarine waters and coastal cityscapes. It’s a state of adventure with so much to see in such a large area, that you’re bound to need more time.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and one of the world’s most isolated cities. Life in Perth is unashamedly chilled out, and it’s no wonder, with miles of great beaches, a myriad of bars, friendly hostels and plenty of parks to kick back and relax in. Go whale-spotting, surf the world-class waves, or watch the flaming red sunsets from a beach-side bar.

Escape civilisation, and get lost in the vast wild landscapes of inland Western Australia. Explore the dry red plains of the Outback, walk along the tree-line trails in The Valley of the Giants, or visit on of the national parks full of reptile species and the world’s largest selection of wildflowers.