Isolated, wild and rugged, Tasmania is an adventurer’s playground. Off the southern point of Australia, Tasmania is ridding itself of its dark, prison island past and becoming popular for its wild rainforests, tranquil beaches and stunning scenery. Affectionately known as ‘Tassie’, the island is a hotspot for cycling, rafting, kayaking and bushwalking.

Tasmania is brimming with wildlife; it’s the only place in the world that you’ll find the rare Tasmanian devil in their natural habitat and there are regular sightings of dolphins, seals and whales enjoying life in the wild. Dramatic coastal scenery, protected World Heritage Sites and National Parks full of untouched wildlife, makes Tasmania a very special destination. Tasmania’s charming cities are starting to build a name for themselves with edgy music halls and delicious gourmet cuisine. For an island about the same size as Ireland, Tasmania packs in so much scenery, adventure and exploration that it’s best you head there before everyone else does!