England’s average summer temp is 65°F and winter temp a low 34°F. London summer is a bit more comfortable, reaching highs of 74°F, but we suggest you head to Topshop for some winter coats and scarves just in case. Winter in England does bring some awesome activity opportunities, with temporary ice rinks popping up around the main cities and the Christmas spirit truly coming to life in December. One winter must-see is the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, complete with carolers almost every December night!

Scotland is particularly notorious for cloudy and cold conditions, so pack a poncho and keep an eye on the forecast so you know what to expect. On the bright (or not-so-bright) side, Scotland also offers some sweet ski and snowboarding spots where the chilly temperature is a plus. If you’re into your winter sports, you need to check out Glenshee Ski Centre in the Grampian mountain range between December and April to hit the slopes. A one day pass is £29 and equipment is around £15 a day, but make sure you also budget for proper mountain gear to keep you warm when it hits the negatives.

We know Britain is known for being a pretty wintery place, but beach bunnies never fear! If you’re willing to go off the beaten track a smidge there are some beautiful beaches in Britain as well (just maybe keep these ones for a summer visit). The Welsh coast plays host to a number of stunning sandy beaches, one of note being Barafundle Bay on the Pembrokeshire coast. This one’s a hidden treasure, it requires a bit of a walk to get there but it’s totally worth it. If you’re a surfer we suggest you check out Whiterocks Beach in Northern Ireland. When summer comes you can catch some early morning waves or try horse riding down this coastal gem in the smallest country in Britain.