Each year the Queen and her fam divvy up their time between a number of palaces, castles and estates in Great Britain, many of which have grounds and gardens open to the public in certain months. Obviously the most well-known is Buckingham Palace, where the Queen officially lives with Prince Philip and her corgis. This unmistakable landmark is known for its luxurious state rooms and garden, which are open to tour in August and September, as well as the guards who manage to keep a straight face no matter what. Buckingham Palace is a bustling hub for tourists and Londoners alike, especially during events such as the Royal Wedding where thousands of royal fans turned up to watch the Duke and Duchess kiss on the balcony.

Kensington Palace is another well-known residence and is currently home to the Royal couple, their baby George and his Uncle Harry. The Palace has exhibitions dedicated to former occupants Queen Victoria and the beloved Diana, stunning gardens open to the public and a café offering afternoon tea fit for a princess.

For a Royal history lesson you can visit Westminster Abbey, a 10th century church located in the centre of London which holds weddings, coronations, burials and memorials for the monarchs. The striking Gothic architecture will amaze you as much as the stories behind the construction of the Abbey, and be sure to take a look at the Westminster Abbey Museum in the one of the oldest areas of the building, over 900 years old!

The Tower of London is another must-see, showing a darker side of Royal history. Tours are available to the public and give you the chance to see the dazzling Crown Jewels, explore weaponry and armour exhibitions and hear about the living conditions and executions of upper-class prisoners. The ravens on the grounds add to the creep factor of this attraction, as do the ghosts who haunt the Tower.