Getting Around

Britain may be smaller than us in landmass but it does have four countries, heaps of little islands and 63 million people, making it a bit interesting to find your way around. The recommended form of transport in London is their underground train system, known as The Tube, which runs twenty hours a day to basically everywhere in London. On top of that there are also the red double deckers (we suggest a hop-on hop-off tour to get your bearings) and the famous little black cabs to take you anywhere the Tube can’t.

If you’re planning on venturing a little further it may be easier to hire a car, however there are certain requirements for different companies so check with your Travel Expert if this is going to work for you. To get to Northern Ireland or the isles in Scotland there are a number of different ferry companies, but if that’s a bit too confusing for you we also offer heaps of in-depth sightseeing tours throughout Britain. Whether you want a half day tour of London or a packed 16 day tour of all four countries we’ve got something for you.