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with STA Travel?

With over 35 years of experience as the youth travel expert enabling students and young adults to explore the world, STA Travel offers a unique range of worldwide experiences including exclusive discounts and expert advice for your travels.

Flexible and affordable adventures

One big advantage of travelling with STA Travel is that we’re not like any other travel retailer. We offer much more than just cheap airfare. We offer real value with the flexibility and features our travelers want. Don't just take our word for it though, take a look at our wide range of deals and travel extras to suit your individual needs.
  • Travel Experts

    Got a destination in mind but want to know more? Meet our Travel experts at our stores across the UK!

  • Epic Adventures

    Whether it's a round the world trip or a short city break, we've got stack loads of adventures for you to pick and choose from

  • Work & Study Abroad

    If you're looking to learn new skills and make new friends, check out our amazing work and study abroad opportunities

  • The STA BlueTicket

    Famously low airfares exclusive to student & youth travellers

  • Deposit Schemes

    Secure the cheapest flights with our amazing deposit schemes

  • 24/7 Support

    We're always right there with you wherever you are in the world with 24/7 support