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Europe offers history, culture and a raving nightlife in every country. Whether you are going on vacation for 2 weeks or 2 years - Europe is a must and has everything to offer!
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Discover the diversity of this marvelous continent. Asia has everything to offer the discerning traveler; adventurous expeditions over mountains, through jungles, and to the ocean floor...
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  Get inspired about your trip and get expert advice on everything from culture and language to the weather.  
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  Australia and South Pacific

A trip to Australia, New Zealand or Fiji means beach, surf, mountains and big cities on a student budget when you go with STA! Browse our cheap student flights plus hotel and day trip options.
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    Latin America

Visit Latin America for the most eclectic adventure of a lifetime. With mountains, glaciers, rainforests, deserts, national parks, jungles, ancient ruins, tropical beaches and volcanoes - Latin America has it all.
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Safari in the savanna in Africa, see the worlds largest and fastest land mammals, and explore the cradle of civilization. Experience the wilds and history of Africa with flights, day trips and adventures from STA Travel.
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    Middle East

The Middle East is  the birthplace to many of the world’s religions. The Middle East is also home to some of the world’s most treasured architectural wonders and historical sights.
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  North America

Head to the North America for the adventure of a lifetime. Whatever your dreams, North America offers a kaleidoscope of cultures, cuisines, landscapes, history and adventures.
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If you are anything like us, asking us to pick one continent is like asking us which one of our children we love the most. We could tell you, but we are bound to hurt someone’s feelings. Don’t settle for one, see them all...
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