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2010 World Traveler Internship in Argentina and Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina
From Peru, the 2010 World Traveler Interns fly southeast to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Interns will be guided by STA's adventure operator, GAP Adventures, on an amazing 8-day experience through Argentina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via the thunderous Iguassu Falls.

Here's the full itinerary for the second leg of this summer of travel around the world!

Day  Where  Doing 
6 Buenos Aires

Fresh from arrival from Peru, the Interns have free time to explore Buenos Aires. It's considered the "Paris of the Americas" because it's one of South America’s most European cities. Take a tour of the city to see the many famous neighborhoods, like La Boca, Recoleta, and San Telmo. Maybe check out a tango show!

7 Buenos Aires

Meet your tour group, get acquainted, hit the town, etc.

8-9 Iguassu Falls

Time to experience Iguassu Falls! It looks like one gigantic waterfall but it's actually 275 separate waterfalls spanning 2 miles and more than 260 feet high. Check out each side of the Falls (Argentina side and Brazil side) and enjoy great optional activities like a boat trip to the bottom of the Falls.

10-11  Paraty 

Head north along the Atlantic coast to Paraty, a beautiful coastal town that's a popular vacation spot for Brazilians. Paraty's colonial heritage is very well preserved so you'll feel like you've stepped back in time. Check out the white sand beaches, take a boat trip to the nearby islands in the bay, and wander through town. 

12-13 Rio de Janeiro

Arrive in Rio de Janeiro! Enjoy some Brazilian food and drinks, like the Caipirinha, and check out Copacabana Beach.

14  Rio de Janeiro Trip ends. Enjoy some free time today.
15  Fly to Australia On to the next leg of the 2010 World Traveler Internship: Australia! 

Take off on this South American adventure anytime by calling 800.497.0236 or visiting your local STA store and we'll book it and your cheap flight to Buenos Aires.

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