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2010 World Traveler Internship in Egypt

Pyramids at night
The World Traveler Internship continues in Egpyt, where, guided by our adventure operator, Topdeck, the Interns will visit the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only surviving wonder of the "Seven Ancient Wonders of the World."

The Interns will also walk the Valley of the Kings, sail the Nile, visit a Nubian village, and explore the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which houses 100,000+ relics.

Here's the full itinerary for the seventh leg of this summer of travel around the world.

Day  Where  Doing
63-64  Cairo  Arrive in Cairo and enjoy free time before meeting your tour group and trip leader.
65 Cairo Spend the morning at the Egyptian Museum, where your Egyptologist will tell you about some of the 100,000+ relics housed in this amazing museum, including the magnificent treasures of King Tut. Then you're off to see the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only surviving wonder of the "Seven Ancient Wonders of the World." Overnight train to Aswan.
66 Aswan  Sail the Elephantine and Kitchener Islands, viewing the Nilometer, Aga Khan Mausoleum and the Tombs of the Nobles. Visit a Nubian village to learn of the lifestyle and customs of the original inhabitants.
67 Aswan  Visit Abu Simbel to see the incredible temple built by Ramesses II. Visit the Temple of Hathor, built in honor of the goddess of love and music and Ramesses' wife, Queen Nefartari. The afternoon is free to enjoy a drink by the pool or shop in the colorful bazaars. This evening, there is an option to dine on the banks of the Nile. On to Luxor by private bus.
68 Luxor  Explore the amazing Temple of Karnak and Temple of Luxor, discovering the magnificence of the old capital of Egypt. In the evening there's an option to return to Karnak Temple to see an incredible sound and light show.
69 Luxor Take a guided tour of the Valley of the Kings, one of the most famous sites in Egypt. This magnificent necropolis houses the tomb of King Tut. Visit Ramesseum Temple and there is time to check out the gold and silver markets. Then it's time for an overnight train back to Cairo.
70 Cairo  Visit the necropolis of Saqqara, the Step Pyramid of King Zoser, Coptic Cairo and some of the oldest churches in the history of Christianity. In the afternoon, visit the vibrant Khan el Khallili market. 
71 Cairo Trip ends. Enjoy some free time.
72 Fly to Europe On to the final leg of the 2010 World Traveler Internship: Europe!

Take off on this Egyptian adventure anytime by calling 800.497.0236 or visiting your local STA store and we'll book it and your cheap flight to Cairo.

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