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2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary

Dive with sharks
True to tradition, the World Traveler Internship itinerary is brand new for 2010 and better than ever! 

Our 2 Interns will travel to South America, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa where they'll be introduced to amazing cultures, delicious foods, and stunning natural beauty, plus the sightseeing will blow your mind.



The 2010 World Traveler Internship begins in Peru, most famous for Machu Piccu. The Interns will work on our volunteer project, the Peru Streetkids Project. Helping children is a fantastic way to begin this amazing summer around the world. 2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary in Peru

Argentina to Brazil

Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro via Iguassu Falls

From Peru, the World Traveler Interns fly southeast to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they'll begin an amazing adventure through Argentina to Brazil via Iguassu Falls. 2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary in Argentina and Brazil


Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart (Tasmania)

The 2010 World Traveler Internship jets west from Brazil to the land Down Under - Australia! Our Interns will experience 12 amazing days of adventure including surfing Bondi Beach, hiking the Blue Mountains, traveling the Great Ocean Road and exploring the east coast of Tasmania. 2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary in Australia


Tokyo to Kyoto

The 2010 World Traveler Internship heads from the South Pacific to the North Pacific, where the Interns will stop first in Japan. The adventure begins in Tokyo, ends in Kyoto and includes amazing temples, mountains, and museums along the way. 2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary in Japan


Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao

From Japan the World Traveler Internship heads southwest to the amazing country of Thailand. The Interns will explore the popular islands of Ko Samui, Ko Tao and Ko Pha Ngan, an area home to some of the best snorkeling and diving sites in the world. The parties aren't bad either. 2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary in Thailand


Istanbul to Kusadasi

The 2010 World Traveler Internship continues west from Thailand to Turkey, where the interns will journey from Istanbul along the coast down to Kusadasi, stopping in Gallipoli, Troy and Ephesus along the way. 2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary in Turkey


Cairo, Luxor and Aswan

The World Traveler Internship moves west from Asia to Africa, where the interns will see the last remaining wonder of the "Seven Ancient Wonders of the World," the Great Pyramid of Giza. Plus, sail the Nile, visit a Nubian village and walk the Valley of the Kings. 2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary in Egypt


Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Prague......

The 2010 World Traveler Internship heads north to Europe for this final leg of the trip, and there's a twist. This itinerary will be created by the Interns during the application process. The only requirements are they use a Eurail Pass and take 2 weeks.

It's DIY, it's new and it's an amazing way to end a summer of travel around the world on STA's dime.

2010 World Traveler Internship Itinerary in Europe

Take this Entire Trip

Buenos Aires, Sydney, Tokyo, Bangkok, Cairo and Rome from $3899

This Round the World trip is inspired by the journey taken by the STA Travel 2010 World Traveler Interns. Explore Buenos Aires, surf the waves of Australia and Thailand, experience the hustle and bustle of Japan, explore the antiquities of Egypt, ride the rails of Europe, plus so much more! More

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