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2010 World Traveler Internship in Peru

Hike the Inca Trail
The 2010 World Traveler Internship begins in Peru, which is most famous for Machu Piccu (pictured).

The World Traveler Interns will be volunteering in nearby Cuzco with STA's volunteer project, the Peru Streetkids Project. Helping children is a fantastic way to begin this amazing summer around the world.

Here's the full itinerary for the first leg of this summer of travel around the world!

Day  Where  Doing 
1 Depart Dallas for Cuzco, Peru After a brief orientation at STA HQ in Dallas, the Interns will head off for the first leg of their trip: South America.
2 Cuzco Arrive in Cuzco, Peru and enjoy the rest of the day exploring the city.
3-4 Cuzco Work with volunteer teachers who offer impoverished children warm meals, help with their schoolwork and provide life skills coaching, including sewing, cooking, music, and English. 
5 Fly to Argentina On to the next leg of the 2010 World Traveler Internship: Argentina and Brazil!
The Peru Streetkids Project welcomes donations of your time and/or money at any time. This project is ongoing and welcomes volunteers year-round.

Volunteer with the Peru Streetkids Project

STA is Committed to Volunteering

STA Travel and The Planeterra Foundation are working together to make a difference in the lives of children in need in the South American country of Peru. Learn more about STA's philanthropy

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