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With the world's highest capital city, the world's largest salt flat, South America's largest Lake and a very explorable mix of mountains, Amazonian jungle and colourful local markets - you'll soon fall in love with everything about Bolivia. Especially the friendly locals!

Bolivia Fast Facts

language in Bolivia

Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Bolivia is Spanish, however several indigenous languages are also used by a small amount of Bolivians including Quechua, Aymara and Guarani

Bolivia currency


Name: Bolivian Boliviano

Code: BOB

Symbol: $b 

100$b is approx £11.25

time zone Bolivia

Time Zone

Time Zone: Central Time Zone (UTC-04:00)

Highlights of Bolivia


Salt Flats


Bolivian Amazon & Pampas


Lake Titicaca


La Paz


Bolivia Fast Facts

beer in bolivia


The typical cost of a domestic beer in Bolivia is 14.5BOB (approx £1.63) but if you're craving a taste of home, imported beer will cost you around 21BOB (approx £2.36).

food in bolivia


The cost of a meal at a local Bolivilan restaurant is 25BOB on average (approx £2.81), but if you're flashpacking and looking for a three-course sit down dinner this will set you back 115BOB (approx £12.95)- well it's important to treat yo'self!

taxi bolivia

Taxi Ride

Need to catch a ride? The average taxi fare starts at 8BOB (approx 90p), with an added cost per km of 7BOB (approx 0.79p)

transport in bolivia


Transportation in Bolivia is an absolute steal with a one-way ticket on local transport costing 2BOB (approx 22p) and a monthly pass setting you back 160BOB (approx £18) 

hostels in bolivia


Hostels in Bolivia start from as low as 30BOB (approx £3) a night for a dorm, and even in the sightseeing hotspots rooms are rarely more than 70BOB (approx £8) a night.

hotels in bolivia


Bolivia has a range of accommodation to choose from, from budget to high end - you can even stay in a tree house in an animal sanctuary for 190BOB (approx £21) a night!

When to go to Bolivia

Boasting a variety of jaw-dropping landscapes and climatic extremes, Bolivia can be enjoyed by travellers all year round. Blue skies and dry weather occur from April to October, perfect for visiting Lake Titicaca and the salt Flats, although temperatures do drop at night, particularly in the desert. In the Amazon you can expect high temperatures and humidity pretty much all year long. 
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Bolivia Adventure Tours

Bolivia salt flats
Bolivia Discovery
Bolivia is one of South America's least visited countries, and we're scratching our heads trying to figure out why. It has over 30 official languages, 36 native cultures, the world's largest salt flats, and the highest capital city! On this tour, you'll conquer the Andes, explore the salt flats by 4WD, visit multi-coloured lagoons and more!
11 days | From £999
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La Paz
La Paz to Buenos Aires Adventure
This two-week adventuretakes you from the dizzying heights of La Paz, through the vast expanses of the Bolivian altiplano to the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth. It's a journey of intense contrasts taking in some of the planets most extraordinary scenery. Finish off in Buenos Aires with a succulent steak, glass of Malbec and tango show. 
15 days | From £1,299
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copacabana beach
Bolivian Magic
With two weeks on the clock, let's go. Packing in a total of 4 Latin heavyweights, this trip will take you from the iconic Cuzco, to the colonial beauty of Salta, via Incan ruins, Bolivian salt flats, bubbling hot springs and colourful flamingos. This trip is exclusively for 18-35's so a great opportunity to meet fellow travel mates. We're excited - are you?
15 days | From £2,165
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