Latin America

Latin America offers breathtaking views, trekking over the Andes, ancient ruins, exhilarating expeditions down the Amazon, hiking in the Patagonia, and hip cities like Buenos Aires and Rio.

Plan your trip now to any of the amazing countries south of the border, like Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.


Amazing culture, beaches, history and more!

Book your trip to Mexico and enjoy the beach, ancient ruins and cities like Mexico City, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cabo. Get your cheap student flight plus hotel and day trip or adventure trip today with STA Travel! More

Central America

Costa Rica, Panama, Guatamala and more

Soak up the Latino vibe on your vacation to Central America; you'll discover active volcanoes, colorful highland villages, ancient ruins as you trek through the jungle, and the pristine beaches with crystal clear turquiose waters More travel information on Central America

South America

Brazil, Argentina and Peru

The sheer vastness of this magnificent country is enough of a wow factor, let alone all the wonders that each individual country contains. With so much on offer, you'll need years to explore it all - so, we have broken it down into our favorite bite-sized pieces. More travel information in South America

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