Passports & Visas

A passport is now required for ALL international flights. If you're traveling by plane to any international destination – including those Mexico, the Caribbean or Canada - you must hold a valid passport to board the flight and to enter the country. We suggest visiting A Briggs for more information on passport applications and renewals.

Travel Visas
A travel visa is required to enter many countries. Travel visas are documents indicating a person has been authorized to enter a country, and often come in the form of a sticker or stamp attached to a passport. Use the A Briggs widget to determine if you might need a travel visa for your next international trip.

It is always the responsibility of the individual traveler to determine if passports and visas are required for any travel. STA Travel is not responsible for the failure of a traveler to comply international travel requirements and/or the ability to secure the proper travel documents before travel.
We suggest using our partner A Briggs for visa & passport assistance, but please note other options may be available. To avoid additional expenses and disappointment, carefully review all travel documents, including flight itineraries, passports and visas as soon as you receive them and report any discrepancies immediately.

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