Volunteer at more than 90 projects world wide with STA Travel

From helping with endangered animals like pandas, turtles and gorillas, building a brighter future for youth around the world, teaching skills to communities that need your help, or protecting the earth with conservation efforts, you can find a project that fits you. View our volunteer projects online, or check out our brochure.


Why Volunteer?
Volunteering is all about making a greater contribution. Giving back and gaining lots too. By volunteering at a project, you are making a positive difference to the lives of others on a much deeper level; by donating your time, energy and experience. All of our projects aim to help local people achieve a sustainable way of life in an environmentally sensitive manner, as well as assist conservation and communities worldwide.

You don’t need specific qualifications or skills to volunteer either - just a desire to lend a hand, immerse yourself and learn more about what life is like elsewhere in the world.
       Why Pay to Volunteer?
Handing over your hard-earned cash in return for life-changing volunteer work might not make much sense to you, so let us make things a little clearer. Keeping you safe in some pretty challenging environments doesn’t come cheap. You need support and guidance wherever you are in the world and our projects ensure you have this.

Each volunteer project requires materials, equipment, personnel, and training and in some cases, includes food costs. Some projects can take years to carefully set up, especially those in very remote and poor communities. A significant donation to the project is included in the price which provides vital income to the local community, so you can be sure that the time and money you invest volunteering is well spent and will make a sustainable difference.



Top 10 Tips for Volunteering
• Plan ahead and think about why you want to volunteer, what you want to achieve and how long you be gone
• Exhibit enthusiasm and willingness
• Arm yourself with a positive attitude – your experience will, as a result, be an enriching and fulfilling one
• Have patience and determination – what you offer is recognized, appreciated and needed
• Be open minded – the more you put into the project the more you will get out of it
• Ask what has been achieved by other volunteers and how much of the fee goes to the project(s)
• Be sensitive to the culture in which you are visiting and be aware of ecosystem fragility
• Be committed and follow the rules of the project
• Try to ensure that your stay brings benefits to the wider community


Our Volunteer Brochure

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