About New South Wales

New South Wales is the oldest and most populated state in Australia and mostly known as being home to Australia's cosmopolitan city, Sydney. But, venture outside the city for amazing experiences!

Out of the city

The vineyards of the Hunter Valley offer a great choice of food and accomodation - so you won't have far to stagger after an evening of wonderful wine tasting!

Also within easy reach is the Outback – full of adventure and some of Australia’s most memorable characters. The rugged natural beauty of the Outback never fails to astound and its welcoming locals will charm you with their stories.

The Blue Mountains to the west offer spectacular scenery, some mighty walks and, if you're lucky, a smattering of snow in August!

In winter, visit the Snowy Mountains for night skiing, downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing. During the summer, marvel at mountain flowers, grazing wallabies and grand scenery.

The vastness of New South Wales and the variety of things on offer will make for an amazing vacation!

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