About Tasmania

Tasmania is also an island for nature lovers, its separation from the mainland by Bass Strait has protected the Tasmanian wildlife and the state is now home to several endangered animals including the Eastern Quoll, Eastern Barred Bandicoot and of course the Tasmanian Devil.

An Island of Contrasts

Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state and it's an island of contrasts. You’ll find rugged mountains and tranquil lakes on the west coast and beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and unspoiled bushland in the east. Head north for the Tamar Valley wine region and indulge in awesome wines, ales and beers and great local produce. In the south you’ll find the capital city with great pubs and a cool music and arts scene combined with an awesome coastline home to surf beaches and the highest sea cliffs in Oz.

Tassie offers a ton of stuff to do year round. One must do is checking out Tasmania’s convict history in the ruins of Port Arthur prison on the Tasman Peninsula, south of Hobart. Opened in 1830, Port Arthur offers an awesome interpretation of convict life and you can also take a guided Ghost Tour if you dare.

On the west coast, glide into the heart of the World Heritage area on the mirror-still Gordon River or take in the heart-stopping beauty and epic rafting of the Franklin. Over 52 miles and around 10 days, you’ll experience all grades of rapids as you wind your way through a location so significant that it was saved from damming by an 1983 Australian High Court decision and is now protected by World Heritage status.

Try sand boarding or carving it up on 4 wheelers at Henty Dunes on the west coast, surfing at Marrawah in the northwest, cycling down Mt. Wellington in Hobart, climbing Cataract Gorge in Launceston, beer tasting at Hobart's Cascade Brewery - Australia's oldest, helping to sail tall ships on the Derwent River, diving off Maria Island on the wreck of the Troy D, kayaking to Wineglass Bay on the east coast, walking through the Tarkine - the southern hemisphere’s largest temperate rainforest, participate in a Quoll Patrol with a local bushie, or be a wildlife nanny for a night working behind the scenes with wombats, opossums, and Devils at Something Wild near Hobart.

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