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STA Travel is a global travel specialist with 30 years experience advising young people on holidays and adventures abroad. We offer a unique range of flights, accommodation, tours and expeditions in 60 countries and send over 2 million passengers away each year. STA Travel has over 240 branches worldwide.

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Mission Statement

Bringing You Face to Face With the World.

Our responsibility

At STA Travel, we are committed to making a positive impact upon the lives of people, communities and the environment around the world.
  • STA Travel also offers travel scholarships to university students to help subsidize travel costs in order to help students travel who wouldn't otherwise be able to.

Our values

Passionate, Responsible, Expertise, Working Together and Customer Obsessed.

Our products speak for themselves and truly showcase how STA Travel is a one-stop shop for every student's travel needs.

  • Student airfare: STA's Student Exclusive Ticket provides students with competitive airfare pricing and unmatched flexibility and ease when booking their travel. It's what sets us apart from the rest!

  • Adventures:  We distribute more than 1,500 products for accommodation, tours, work, study and volunteer programs, making it clear and simple for students to plan their trip. It's easy to organize your ideas and put them into motion.

  • Discount cards: The International Student (ISIC), Teacher (ITIC) and Youth Travel (IYTC) ID Cards provide access to over 35,000 international and domestic discounts including airfare, accommodations, tours, shopping, dining and entertainment with partners such as Target.com, Apple Store, Virgin Megastore and The Body Shop.

  • Travel insurance: Insurance coverage is offered for trip, baggage, medical and accident protection as well as providing 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance.

  • Global cell phones: Provide students an easy and cost effective way of keeping in touch with friends and family while touring the world.

  • Online visa application: With its exclusive partnership with VisaHQ.com, STA Travel customers now have access to timely, online visa application services at competitive rates. By logging onto http://statravel.visaheadquarters.com/visas.php, students can apply for new visas as needed by accessing their profile through a secure online account. This service reduces the average application time from 30 minutes to two minutes compared to other passport and visa services. Additionally, the online service allows STA Travel customers to track application status online 24/7 and receive real-time electronic updates.

We recognize the need for convenience in a student's busy life. Therefore, we provide a combination of outlets suited toward their needs.


STA Travel is registered to sell travel in California and is a member of the Airlines Reporting Corporation.

  • California registration number: 1017560-40
  • ARC number: 03856716

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