Hotels, hostels & day trips in Adelaide

A trip to Adelaide will spoil you with spectacular scenery, unspoiled beach, wildlife, and world-class food and wine.

STA Travel offers cheap student flights to Adelaide plus a great selection of hotels and day trips.

Sightseeing in South Australia

Day Trips, Sightseeing & Things to Do in Adelaide

Travel through the picturesque coastal seaside towns on a full-day tour from Adelaide, discover Kangaroo Island, or check out Adelaide with a city tour from STA Travel. More

Adventures Tours of Australia

25 exciting new tours across Australia and New Zealand

Create your own Australia travel memories with these amazing adventure tours of Australia. From the Outback to the beaches, these trips get you out of the ordinary and into the heart of Australia. You will travel by trains, 4x4s, buses and boats as you explore this amazing continent. Start your adventure now

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