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Whether you're in need of an apartment for a night away in a nearby city, a castle for a week in the UK or villa for a month somewhere else amazing in Europe, Airbnb gives you unique travel experiences by connecting you with locals who'll give you a bed for as long as you need. Connecting with them is an incredible way to discover how each town, city or village in the country you're in is unique. With nearly 2 million places to stay in 190 countries, all for a price that suits you, the world is just waiting to be discovered! Read on to find out more, or search Airbnbs now... 

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Ever shelled out on a hotel just to leave feeling like your experience really wasn't that memorable? Maybe the location could have been better, maybe the staff weren't so personable. With Airbnb, you can stay in hosts' homes, apartments or mansions, whether thousands of miles from home or just a roadtrip away, rest-assured you'll be getting a truly unique experience, and an insight into local life in the city you're in. Watch our videos below ro get a feel for the Airbnb experience... 

A houseboat through Amsterdam

Hand Luggage Only in Amsterdam

UK travel bloggers, Hand Luggage Only stayed on a houseboat in Amsterdam where they cruised along the canals, and learned about the city’s hidden gems with their Airbnb hosts.
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A converted train carriage in Cornwall

Skinny Living find inspiration in Cornwall

We hooked up with Airbnb to take Skinny Living, our premiere artists signed to STA Sounds back to Cornwall, to chill out, regroup and get some inspiration in some  quirky accommodation...
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You might be the type who loves meeting new people and experiencing new places. You're probably going to feel as much at home in a hipster's warehouse apartnment in Brooklyn, as you do a treehouse in Laos - so why not dig through Airbnb to find the most memorable digs possible for your next adventure? Crashing with the locals can often be a damn-sight cheaper than normal hotels too... 
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You can be thousands of miles from where you live and yet feel right at home. Live how the locals do, find those truly memorable experiences and make some friends along the way. Your host will welcome you in like a friend, and maybe even show you the best sights, sounds and smells of your destination.