Airline Baggage Policy

Many airlines now charge additional fees to check baggage.

Please check your airline and destination to see if baggage fees apply to your journey.

Do note that these fees apply to one way travel, so you'll pay double the listed amount to check luggage on a round-trip journey. If your ticket involves a codeshare flight (e.g. a United Airlines flight operated by USAirways) the rules of the operating airline apply.

The information on this page should be used as a guide only, and STA Travel is not responsible for changes to airline checked baggage fees. Please contact an STA Travel Expert or the airlines included on your itinerary for the most up to date information about checked baggage fees.


Airline From the U.S.A. to* Bag 1 Bag 2
Aeromexico Mexico, Central America $0 $40
Other International $0 $0
Air Canada Canada $0 $30
Other International $0 $50
Air France all destinations $0 $75
Air Tran all destinations $20 $25
Alaska Airlines all destinations $20 $20
Alitalia all destinations $0 $50
American Airlines United States, Canada, U.S.Virgin Islands $25 $30
  Europe, India $0 $60
Avianca all destinations $0 $0
British Airways all destinations $0 $60
Continental** United States, Canada, U.S.Virgin Islands $25 $35
  Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America (excluding Brazil) $0 $30
  Europe $0 $50
Delta Air Lines** United States, Canada, U.S.Virgin Islands $25 $35
  Europe $0 $55
Frontier Domestic $20 $30
  International $0 $20
Iberia Airlines all destinations $0 $75
Jetblue all destinations $0 $35
Lufthansa all destinations $0 $50
Qantas all destinations $0 $0
Spirit Airlines contact airline
United Airlines** United States and Canada $25 $35
  Europe (including Russia) $0 $50
  Caribbean and Mexico $0 $30
USAirways** North, Central, South America $25 $35
  Europe $0 $55
  Middle East $0 $0
V Australia all destinations $0 $0
Virgin Atlantic all destinations $0 $60
Virgin America all destinations $25 $25

We've included many of our most popular carriers on this list. Don't see a specific carrier? Contact an STA Travel Expert or that carrier directly for possible checked baggage fees.

Due note that most airlines allow a maximum weight is 50 pounds, and maximum size is 62 inches (length + width + height) per checked piece of luggage. Substantial fees may apply to overweight, oversized or additional peices of checked luggage. Additional fees for sporting equipment (e.g. surfboards, bicycles, golf bags) may apply and vary by airline and destination. Contact your STA Travel Expert or the airlines included on your itinerary for details.

*Posted fees and weights apply to domestic flights or international flights originating in the United States. For luggage allowances on flights originating outside of the United States, please contact an STA Travel Expert for details.

**Checked baggage fee discounts may apply to customers who pre-pay baggage within 24 hours of departure through the airline's online check-in options.

Checked bags can get lost or delayed, which is why we recommend travel insurance to cover your belongings. We also suggest that you do not pack valuables in your checked baggage, including fragile or perishable items, money, keys, jewellery, electronic equipment, precious metals and silverware, negotiable instruments, business documents, securities, valuable items, medication, medical documents, passports and other identification documents or samples.

These baggage fees are current at time of publishing. STA Travel is not responsible for changes or ammendments to airline baggage fees and allowances. 

If you have any questions, please call 800.781.4040 or visit your local STA Travel store.

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