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'After spending the night on a very nice bus from Puerto Iguassu, we arrived midday at Buenos Aires - time for some fine red wine, juicy Argentinean steak and fantastic nightlife! We took a taxi to the Millhouse, a very popular hostel known for it's partying (I'm a tad apprehensive as it has a reputation for being a bit mental, with people setting their alarms for 1am to get up and go out. I needn't have worried though as we seemed to be the last ones in our dorms most nights!)'
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Famous for its wine we instantly loved this city! Placed next to the Andes in a desert the views are spectacular.... everywhere you look! We stayed at a cool little hostel called Chimbas which was like staying with your mates for 4 days, great hostel and cool people, booking a wine tour for the following day was essential and there are 1,200 wineries to visit...we only managed 2!!
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Me is one happy camper. Contented. Aching. Hungover. Smiling. Stuffed. Christ, so very properly full of Argentinian steak that I can’t quite get close enough to the keyboard to type this essay. I mean, I can actually rest my elbows on the distended stomach which stretches out before me like the bonnet of one of those ridiculous American cars.  Anyway, enough of food. (Yeah, I know I’ve drivelled on about it prior to this too, but it’s too good to not mention. Did I tell you about the red wine? Alright, thought so).
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