South Pacific Hotels & Hostels

Work and travel in Australia
Find a hotel or hostel in Australia and the South Pacific for your budget and taste with STA Travel. Shop for the best deals today in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Nadi and more!

Book online, call 800.781.4040 or visit your local STA store.

Hotels and Hostels in Sydney

Cheap hotels & hostels in Sydney

With its laid-back vibe, beautiful beaches and iconic harbor, Sydney is a must see for any traveler. Find a hotel or hostel for your budget and taste. Shop online now for the best deals available. Learn more >

Hotels and Hostels in Melbourne

Cheap hotels & hostels in Melbourne

Whether you're on a budget or a blow out, there is loads of great accommodation in Melbourne. We have options to suit all budgets so make sure you get sorted before you leave! Learn more >

Hotels and Hostels in Cairns

Cheap hotels & hostels in Cairns

Cairns is a great base point for exploring some of the top spots in Queensland. Book a cheap hotel or hostel with STA Travel and visit the Great Barrier Reef. Learn more >

Hotels and Hostels in Brisbane

Cheap hotels & hostels in Brisbane

Book a cheap hotel or hostel in Brisbane in Brisbane, Australia. We have accommodation for all budgets and taste. Learn more >

Hotels and Hostels in Auckland

Cheap hotels & hostels in Auckland

Discover New Zealand's incredible and diverse landscape as you travel from one island to the other. Click here for our cheap hotels and hostels in New Zealand. Learn more >

Hotels and Hostels in Fiji

Cheap hotels & hostels in Fiji

Stay in the tropical paradise of Fiji in the South Pacific on a student budget with a hostel or resort from STA. Shop now for the best deals! Learn more >

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