Travel to and around Australia

Getting there

A flight from L.A. to Brisbane takes about 14 hours, to Melbourne is 15 hours, to Perth is 20 hours and to Sydney is 14 hours.



Sydney airport is 5 miles south of the city. You can grab a train from the airport to the Sydney Central Station which only takes 13 minutes, or jump one of the buses departing every 20-30 minutes. A taxi will cost around $50 to city and the journey takes around half an hour.

Adelaide airport

Adelaide airport is almost 4 miles west of the city and the drive is 30 minutes. You can jump on a shuttle at a cost of $7.50 or take a taxi for about $20 to the city center. You could also jump on a public bus.

Melbourne airport

Melbourne airport is 15.5 miles northwest of the city.  There are 24-hour shuttle buses available to the city at a cost of $16 or there are taxis which take about 25 minutes and cost around $40.

Brisbane airport

Brisbane airport is 8 miles northeast of the city. There is a train service connecting the airport to Roma Street or there are buses to take you to the city, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and major hotels. A taxi to the city will cost around $35 and takes about 35 minutes

How to get around

Planes, trains and automobiles

At almost 5 million square miles, there is plenty to discover in Australia! If your time in Australia is short, the best transportation is by plane, allowing you to hop quickly between cities and sites. For longer stays, jump on a train or rent a car or campervan so you can discover the country at your own pace.

Public Transportation
Public transportation is very efficient in the main cities of Australia - trains, buses, ferries, monorail, light rail and trams. From a ferry on the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour or Brisbane River to a tram ride through the elegant streets of Melbourne, you'll find public transportation clean, reliable and affordable.

Organized tours
Organized tours are a great way to see the sites – especially if you’re traveling alone or are a first-time traveler. Check out some of the options for tours and treks in Australia.

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