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STA Travel values each of our customer relationships, from one study abroad student to entire Universities and Program providers. Meet some of our B2B partners below and see what our customers are saying about STA Travel.

GlobalLinks Learning Abroad
Study and live abroad on a semester or year program, complete an internship, attend a short-term program, complete a research project overseas, or earn your entire degree. For the past 20 years, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, through the programs of AustraLearn, AsiaLearn and EuroLearn have sent more than 20,000 students abroad.
CISabroad is a study and intern abroad provider committed to giving you the best value in study abroad. CISabroad offers semester, summer, winter, internship, and customized programs in 22 countries.
Earthwatch Institute
Earthwatch Institute inspires connections between people and the environment. Through its expeditions, Earthwatch engages individuals in hands-on data collection alongside leading scientists, where they actively participate in research that contributes to the understanding of environmental challenges.


“In speaking on behalf of The Office of Global Education and Partnerships at Millersville University, we are happy to offer the ISIC and require it for all our students who pursue academic experiences abroad. We feel that the students benefit from having an ISIC because it offers health insurance, travel insurance, and travel assistance to the students before and during their trip, in addition to discounts abroad and in the US. ISIC also takes the extra step to provide our students with letters indicating their proof and details of health insurance coverage and their coverage details which is not only helpful to have but also necessary when applying for student visas. It offers so much for such a low price. It is also beneficial to be an ISIC issuing office because we are able to provide our students with their cards in a timely manner. The process is easy and convenient for our office and our students!”  
- Millersville University 
"We issue ISIC cards to all our students studying abroad and have only had positive experiences.  The always helpful, and efficient staff at STA travel gives a good start to the ISIC card process.  Given that we have issued hundreds of these cards and never had a student complain about the claims process tells me that this process is user friendly!"
- Wells College
"For at least the last 20 years, Slippery Rock University has required our study abroad students to purchase the ISIC.   Faculty are coming on board now too and purchasing the Int’l Faculty card for their university-related travel.  Students like to focus on the travel benefits, while staff and families key in on the insurance, medical evacuation and repatriation benefits.  Thankfully, we don’t need to tap those resources often, but when we do, the ISIC and insurance staff have been very easy to work with, and our students and faculty very well served.  Then I get all kinds of compliments for assisting, when in reality I have done very little and it’s really been their investment of $22 that has saved the day.  What a bargain for them, and a stress-reducer for me!"
- Slippery Rock University
"As the only internationally accepted student ID card that includes a comprehensive insurance plan, communications package, emergency help line, and discounts for tourist and travel industries in over 100 countries, ISIC makes it easy, convenient, and affordable for students who travel abroad to acquire the all-inclusive suite of benefits that an ISIC offers."
- University of Arizona
"Our office happens to be the only place on campus where Stanford students can purchase passport photos. We like that we can offer students and the Stanford community the ease of getting photos and ISICs in one place. We want our students to be knowledgeable about the options they have when they study abroad, and the ISIC card is one option for great discounts.    Ultimately, we offer ISICs to benefit international travel. Many students go abroad to study, to conduct research, to intern, to learn, and to explore. The ISIC card provides students with travel discounts, emergency travel insurance, and a universally recognized student document. One of the aims of the ORC is to promote intercultural understanding through international travel and educational exchange opportunities; the ISIC fits well with this mission."
- The Overseas Resource Center, Stanford University

"We issue the ISIC because we are a unit within the study abroad office and the card is very beneficial to students and teachers traveling abroad in one of the many programs offered at Arizona State University. Some of the study abroad program’s faculty make it mandatory to have the ISIC and it is more convenient for the students and teachers to be able to apply and have the ISIC issued on campus. Since we are a passport acceptance office and take passport photos at our location, students and staff do benefit from the convenience of being able to get the ISIC photos on campus as well. We have been issuing ISIC for about a year now and it has been a very positive business for our department. It is always so pleasant working with STA staff and there is always a quick response to any problems ,questions, or orders we may have concerning ISIC."
- International Students and Scholars Office ASU Passport Acceptance Office
"Summer Search chooses ISIC for our student travelers for a few reasons.  In working with minors, the ISIC often provides a photo ID to students who do not yet have a driver’s license or other state-issued ID, and TSA recognizes the ISIC card more often than high school ID cards.  For our international travelers, ISIC also provides emergency medical insurance coverage to students who are not covered by any international insurance.  Lastly, we partner with STA to provide our ISIC services because of the discounts and sales you offer on a frequent basis, even at $1.00 off each card it is a significant savings for our organization, which serves about 900 student travelers every summer!"
- Summer Search
“The best thing about working with STA Travel is our account manager who supports our study abroad programs and our students who travel overseas from start to finish.”
- Cynthia Banks, Executive Director, Australearn, Asia Learn, EuroLearn
“For several years, American Fulbright students and professors have appreciated personal and professional attention from STA Travel.  The German Fulbright program is happy to continue this fine partnership.”
- Reiner Rohr, Fulbright

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