News alert: black is the new green. You’ve been told time and time again to make sure to eat your greens, so why suddenly are we obsessed with black food?! Take a look at some of these culinary dark treats from around the world and see if you’d be up for giving them a taste.

Thaiger Burger, Melbourne

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, New York

DejaVu Rooftop, Perth

MOVE Natural Food, Rome

Black Sushi, NYC

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Black Latte, Melbourne

This Black Friday we’re being a little unconventional, and instead of focusing on crazy deals we’re trying black-colored foodstuffs, taking travel photos and sharing them to raise money. We’re hosting a photo competition over the weekend, and for everyone who tags @STATravel and hashtags #ThankfulForTravel, we’ll donate $5 to Teen Cancer America AND enter each person in to a prize draw to win a $500 travel voucher. What a perfect way to show off the crazy food you’ve eaten on your travels! Head to our website for more details.