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Get advice straight from the horses’ mouth. What better way to research a destination, than from other travelers who have been there!  Check out the Brazil travel reviews and tips, as well as STA Travel blogs below:

STA Travel blogs

‘We also did all the touristy things here like going up Sugar Loaf mountain and Christ the Redeemer as well as a trip to the Favellas which won’t be forgotten for a while! We all had to jump onto the back of motorbikes at the bottom of this massive hill to reach the top. I was a bit nervous so it was typical that I ended up with the craziest driver. Mind you I think my screaming probably encouraged him to go faster dodging through buses and barrels rolling down the road’.
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‘Every Tuesday is 'Blessing Tuesday' in Salvador, which is their biggest night of the week, so everywhere was rammed and playing live music. I danced with a Rastafarian man not knowing this means you will sleep with them apparently?! But I didn't see that one through, mmwah?!’
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‘First up was the statue of Christ. We had a couple of stops on the way up, and before you knew it, we were at the feet of the great man. It was incredible. Like any famous landmark you see so many times on the TV there is nothing like standing in front of it. It was hard to take your eyes off. Chuck in the view of Rio from up there and it simply was amazing. From there you had such a contrasting view.’
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