Good pre-trip research will make it easier to work to a realistic budget.

  • Work out how much you'll need on a daily basis for food, accommodation and any activities. Then multiply that by the number of days you'll be traveling. Remember that you can live like a king in Asia on just a few dollars a day, but you'll need quite a bit more when you head to Australia.
  • Take at least two forms of payment - take a mixture of cash, travelers' checks and credit cards and don't keep them together in one place in case you lose them or  they are stolen. 
  • Money belt - use this for carrying the bulk of your money and your important documents. Take a wallet for loose change and day-to-day spending.


In an emergency

When you are traveling it is essential that you know what to do in an emergency. Ask yourself what would you do if you ran out of money or had your wallet stolen. It happens, so have a plan in place before you leave. Make your friends and family aware of how they can send you money via a money transfer service like Western Union. Western Union is available in more than 190 countries and territories and you can receive money within minutes*.

*subject to hours of operations and time zones.

How to pay for stuff:

Only carry as much as you need for the day and in poorer countries always carry small denominations and make sure you keep it safe. 

Another safe way of carrying large amounts of money (and usually hassle free) is to take Travelers Checks. Just remember to keep a record of the numbers separate to your checks.  

Credit cards are indispensible and can be used to withdraw local currency from cash machines worldwide. To find out details of your nearest ATM visit www.visa.com/pd/atm or www.mastercard.com/atm. It is a flexible and safe way to carry money and it is a good way of paying for last-minute airfares, slap-up meals and the odd adventure activity such as a bungee jump. 

Check the back of your bank card and you'll find symbols, these symbols will correspond to ATM machines you can use, contact your bank before you leave to find one where you're headed. You'll find you can use this in ATM's all over the world. Using you bank card will avoid problems of running up a huge credit card bill as you will be drawing money from your current account. If you do intend to take a visa card authorise someone to sign checks on your behalf (in your absence) so that they can send your minimum payment each month without any hassle.

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