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Canada health & safety

snowboarding in canada with sta travel

Medical services

If you have any mishaps in Canada you’ll find the hospitals and clinics will provide an excellent standard of care.  Make sure you get travel insurance before you go though, as hospital care for non-residents is expensive, and can range from $1,000 - $2,000 per day!

Hospital emergency rooms are open 24 hours for emergency care and most cities have walk-in clinics where non-emergency treatment or consultation is available without an appointment. Costs vary by clinic and medical attention required.  For medical services, it's the same, dial 911.


No special immunisations or vaccinations are required to visit Canada.

Travel insurance

Don’t leave home without it!  Accidents happen – and they can happen in the strangest places at the strangest times, like on the side of a mountain while snowboarding or in an alley in Toronto at 3 am.  Travel insurance can cover you for all sorts of mishaps during your travel, and even before you leave.  Did you know up to 25% of all insurance claims are due to cancellation of travel?

Check out the STA Travel insurance policies and get the one that is right for you.

*The small print
We’ve tried to make this destination guide as accurate as possible but please double check the essentials like visas, health and safety, airport information etc with the relevant authorities before you travel.  STA Travel takes no responsibility for loss, injury or inconvenience caused as a result of this guide.  All prices listed are in the currency of the destination, unless otherwise stated.

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