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Canada traveler reviews

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STA Travel Blogs

‘Jasper itself was really nice, which is becoming a theme throughout the Rockies, everything is just fabulous! On our first day we did a walk at Mt Edith Cavell which took us to the Angel Glacier which was beautiful. At the bottom of the glacier there was a pond and there were huge lumps of ice that had fallen from the glacier. They warn you not to walk underneath it because apparently some of the pieces that fall are the size of houses - yikes!’
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‘Thursday we all went to Stanley Park, which was a massive park not too far away from where we were staying. We spent the day in the park, seeing the beaches, the English Bay, the marina and a variety of totem poles in the park.’
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‘The scenery was spectacular!! It was unreal, but so so cool. As we were driving along we saw a crowd at the side of the road and decided to go investigate... turns out there was a huge elk there!!’
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Get the inside info on the best bars, beaches, tours destinations, food and hotels you can find in Canada.  Check out the Canada reviews.

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