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China traveler reviews

Insects to eat
Get advice straight from the horses’ mouth. What better way to research a destination, than from other travelers who have been there!  Check out these China blogs and reviews:

’Upon returning to Beijing we stepped into Tiananmen Square for the first time. What a huge space, 800m long by 500m wide, the largest square in the world! The final day before the tour we hired bicycles. A must for anyone visiting. A great way to explore the city but also a real eye-opener, fun and hairaising, at one point we crossed what must be the widest road i have ever seen, 6 lanes each way + a 4 lane cycle path! So roughly 16 lanes in total!’
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‘China has been a great experience, and so has Shanghai in particular. It's a bizarre city with modern buildings rising out of slums, food stalls at every corner, washing lines attached to anything possible and the tired 1930's architecture looking bizarrely out of place’.
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’9am meet and 2 local buses took us to The Terracotta Warriors. This army was built during Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi's reign roughly 2200 years ago. He unified Chinas territories and standardised the written language. The discovery was made by farmers digging a well in 1974 and has since become Xi’an’s biggest tourist attraction.’
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User Generated Reviews
Get the inside info on the best bars, beaches, tours, destinations, food and hotels you can find in China!  Check out the China reviews.

*The Small Print
We’ve tried to make this destination guide as accurate as possible but please double check the essentials like visas, health and safety, airport information etc with the relevant authorities before you travel.  STA Travel takes no responsibility for loss, injury or inconvenience caused as a result of this guide.  All prices listed are in the currency of the destination, unless otherwise stated.

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