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Promo Code Tips & Tricks:
Our promo codes are designed to discount our special student, teacher and youth fares only, so look for the "EXCLUSIVE DEAL" logo when searching for flights.
Some promo codes require a minimum base fare - also known as the price of the ticket before taxes and fees are added in. Find out the base fare by clicking the "blue i" logo next to the price of any fare for a complete price breakdown.

Promo Code Terms & Conditions: Eligible full time students using promo code above will receive $25 off valid round-trip flight and ISIC purchase with a minimum purchase of at least $300; customer must select an ISIC card AND enter promo code above in the box denoted “Have a Promo Code” on the Shopping Cart page after selecting flights. Only one Promo Code may be used per passenger, and cannot be applied retroactively; STA Travel is not responsible for failure by the user to enter the promo code at time of purchase. STA Travel is not liable for non-functioning promo codes found on other websites, or use of the promo codes on incorrect products. Other restictions apply; STA Travel reserves the right to change these terms & conditions and/or discontinue promo code without notice.


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