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The Thailand Project in Koh Pra Thong

This year STA Travel and Planeterra will be building a community tourism training center on Koh Phra Thong.

The center will be accessible to communities across southern Thailand, providing a way for them to increase income, preserve the environment and develop sustainable tourism in the area.

Why is this project needed?
In the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami, Koh Phra Thong was one of the worst affected areas, with many people losing their families, homes and livelihoods. As tourism becomes a huge force in the area, there is a real danger that if the local communities are unprepared, in terms of job skills, conservation skills and cultural resilience, they will not be able to cope or prosper from this new source of income.

In response, STA Travel and Planeterra will support the development of a sustainable community tourism program in the entire region. By teaching these people and STA Travel volunteers’ essential conservation skills, we can all help to save and preserve the local environment and ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

Where will the money go?
- Build a community center and skills training institute
- Create jobs that preserve the local culture and the environment
- Conserve the local environment including local wildlife (such as sea turtles) and fragile ecosystems through community monitoring and conservation programs
- Empower local people and communities to reach their goals and achieve a financially stable future
- Provide local opportunities for the future through education, skills training and environmental conservation

How you can help Ways you can donate
You can visit and help out at our volunteer project by choosing to participate in one of these projects

- Sea Turtle Conservation on Koh Phra Thong
- Volunteer with children in Phuket and explore Thailand
- Donate online now
- Participate in a volunteer project - a sizable donation of your trip cost is paid directly to the project you are volunteering at
- Opt for the “Dollar A Day”, you can choose to donate $1 for every day of your trip
- At your local STA Travel Store

Questions? Call 800.507.2979 to speak with an STA Travel Expert

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