Trans Mongolian Railway

Experience the Trans Mongolian Railway and the Silk Road through Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and India at ground level, traveling with the locals, experiencing the cities with a local Honcho, eating out and getting around at local prices.

All tours include the following:
  • Flexible Independent Travels
  • Flexible travel options & itineraries
  • Highly knowledgable bilingual guides
  • Safe, clean and fun accommodation

The Genghis Khan

From $1,870
14 Days
Moscow to Beijing
(Russia, Mongolia, China)

Just a wee bit shorter than some of our other Trans-Siberian options, but by no means lacking on the lashings of fun or experience.Make tracks through three different countries: absorb the bright lights of Beijing, the eclectic quirkiness of Ulaanbaatar, the raw adventure of a Mongolian Ger camp and the sights and sounds of clinking glasses in Moscow. Soak in all of the amazingly different culture via your local head Honcho.



The Cossack

From $3,470
23 Days to Beijing
(Russia, Mongolia, China)

This fantastic itinerary takes you to a whole host of weird, wonderful and fantastically interesting destinations. See Suzdal, a city that has as many churches as people. Or what about Mongolian Ulaanbaatar where there's more horses than cars. This trip has more stops than any other itinerary and spends longer in Mongolia, enabling travel to more remote places. Chugging through awe-inspiring landscapes, finish up in electrifying Beijing.



The Budgeting Bolshevik

From $1,365
12 Days
Moscow to Beijing
(Russia, Mongolia, China)

In these belt-tightening times we all have to be a little thrifty, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the good times! This low cost alternative packs in all the highlights - Moscow, Lake Baikal, Ulaanbaatar, and a stay at a Mongolian Ger camp on the way to Beijing. Expect all the best bits of Trans-Mongolia but a little more rough and ready - travel will be in a six berth carriages and transfers will be by public transport.



The Ruski Huski

From $2,130
17 Days
Moscow to Beijing
(Russia, Mongolia, China)

A Trans-Mongolian winter experience is like no other - the sheer, icy beauty of it all will leave you breathless. The opportunities outside your toasty train make for memories of a lifetime. Try your hand at speedy dog sledding, Mongolian ice games and cooking classes. You'll also be able to organize snow mobiling, skiing, snow boarding and 'skijoring'...snap on some skis, harness yourself to some dogs and yell "Davai" (go!).



The Nomadistan

From $2,730
18 Days
Moscow to Beijing
(Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, China)

Traverse old Turkestan and the mysterious ancient Silk Road where tea, silk and spices were traded in the old caravanserais. Back in the day they'd have crossed the desert and mountains by camel but today you'll be doing it by train. Stop at ancient Bukhara in Uzbekistan - a fascinating center of trade, scholarship, culture and religion. Amble through Almaty - a pretty garden city with an aerial tramway line and more than 125 fountains.





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