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Get advice straight from the horses’ mouth. What better way to research a destination, than from other travelers who have been there!  Check out the England travel reviews and tips below, along with some STA Travel blogs:

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'Whilst watching the fireworks I began to think how 'London' this was. Standing out in the cold, with people hugging mugs of mulled wine, surrounded by autumn trees watching a fireworks spectacular. The fireworks were set to music, each new song and fireworks show evoking a new set of emotions. This is how fireworks should be done!'
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'The next day, we went to Buckingham Palace and did the Tower of London. At the Tower of London, we were able to see the Crown Jewels, which were absolutely gorgeous. It was so neat to see them and know that they still use some of them today. Buckingham Palace and the guards with their huge black fuzzy hats were cool to see'.
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'I am absolutely in love with Bath - seriously, if I had to live in the UK, Bath would be high on the options list. Now you are being warned that I am going to be a nerd and start talking about planning and architecture and I am really sorry but..'.
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Get the inside info on the best bars, beaches, tours destinations, food and hotels you can find in England.  Check out the England traveler reviews

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