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Travel by Train in Europe
Get the cheapest Eurail Pass from STA Travel. We guarantee the cheapest Eurail Pass anywhere. Eurail Passes let you travel to exciting destinations including Germany, London, Barcelona, Prague, France and many more all around the European continent. You can choose the countries you want to visit and the numbers of days you want to travel and ride on as many trains you want on any given day. Stay a couple of days in each city or stay a couple of hours - it's your choice!

Buy your Eurail Pass before you leave the United States as these passes are not sold in Europe!
Need help deciding on what to do or where to go with your Eurail Pass? Find a day trip, tour, or locations to go within Europe.

We Have the Lowest Rail Pass Prices Guaranteed

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Eurail Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass is the most comprehensive Pass for Europe giving you the flexibility to travel through 23 countries! The Global Pass Consecutive and the Global Pass Flexi allow you to pick the perfect pass to fit your travel style. More...

Eurail Select Pass

Are you looking to see three to five countries in Europe? If so, then the Eurail Select Pass is ideal for you. Perfect for shorter trips or more in depth exploration of just a few countries, this pass allows you to select three, four or five European countries that share a border. More...

Single Country and Regional Passes

If you want to visit just one or two countries, save money with a our single country and regional passes. You get the flexibility of a rail pass without paying for countries you will not visit. More...

BritRail Passes

Explore England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland by train. BritRail passes cover over 18,000 trains and 2,400 stations in the UK rail network. Pick the pass that best suits you! More...

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Eurail Pass

The top 10 reasons to buy a Eurail pass to see all that Europe has to offer. See why other travelers like you are buying! If you are looking for advice or tips, stop in your local STA Travel Store, call 800.781.4040 or chat live with one of our travel experts. More...


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