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French language

Group of friends

The French will really appreciate it if you have a go at speaking the language – even if your accent is horrible, or if all you learn are the French phrases & words below:

  1. Bonjour (hello)
    Bonjour is good start when striking up a conversation and is followed by Monsieur (male), Madame (female) or Mademoiselle (young female).

  2. Au revoir (goodbye)
    Pronounced ‘ov-wah’

  3. Parlez-vous Anglais?
    Do you speak English?

  4. Rade
    A typical French bar, popular and cheap.

  5. On va en boite?
    Fancy going to a nightclub?

  6. Miam miam (yum yum)
    A must in the country of food

  7. Un canon
    An extremely attractive lad or lass.

  8. C’est combine? 
    How much is this? The shoppers must-know phrase.

  9. C’est le coup de bamboo
    Literally ‘it’s a bamboo stroke’ referring to something being painfully expensive.

  10. S'il vous plait (please) / Merci (thank you)
    Being polite always helps.

Now you've had a taste of the language, keen to know more?  Why not learn French with our French language course.

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