Go Green Asia

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Discover the world's most amazing places on unforgettable journeys that have a positive impact on the environment.

Intrepid works every day to lead students through incredible places around the world while respecting and benefitting locals and their culture as well as mother nature.

Responsible Travel

Intrepid is dedicated to traveling in a manner that respects AND benefits locals and their culture as well as mother nature.

  • Become Carbon Neutral by 2009: planting trees, recycling, promoting carbon neutral flights
  • Responsible Travel Code of Conduct: guidelines for all guides and their tour groups
  • Travel in small groups/Use Local transportation: minimizes demand for fuel and for special vehicles for tour groups
  • Local guides: furthers the understanding of the local people and their culture
  • Local accommodation and food: home stays, markets, restaurants retains revenue in the community
  • Spread the word about sustainable tourism as they travel.

Ask your STA Travel advisor about these and other opportunities by visiting your local branch or calling (800) 781.4040!

Here just a few of the Green adventures you can experience with Intrepid.
Adventure Details...  Duration  Price* 
Northern Thailand

One of Intrepid's most popular trips! Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Chiang Mai, River Kwai and more. More >>

15  fr $795 
Thailand Hike, Bike, Raft Bangkok, Chiang Mai, River Kwai - it's outdoor activity in tropical paradise! Rainforests, colorful hilltribes, kayak the River Kwai and biking through the lesser-known side of Chiang Mai. More >>  13 fr $970
Oxfam Wild China Cycling Challenge  Experience rural China from a bicycle! Kunming, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Dali. 14  TBD for 2009

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