Go Green Latin America

Respectful Adventures

Explore Latin America with as little negative impact as possible. It's possible with G*A*P and STA Travel.

These adventures put you one-on-one with some of the most amazing places and people in the world while helping you leave little trace that you were there.

Responsible Tourism

How G*A*P promotes responsible tourism:

  • Sustainable Travel Manual: set of guidelines tour leaders use to ensure low-impact travel and regional conservation
  • Small groups: tours include no more than 12 people to minimize the impact of their visit 
  • Stay local: pumps money into the local economy
  • Local transportation: public buses, trains, bikes, canoes, ferries, hiking reduces fuel consumption and promotes interaction with locals
  • Local accommodation: stay in small, locally owned hotels or homes
  • Local tour guides: share their expertise
  • Local food: eat at local restaurants and buy food at local markets
  • Looking toward the future: G*A*P constantly monitors the effect it's having on the areas toured, designs new tours the support local communities and protect the environment, and creates new partnerships that promote all of this.

Find out more about these adventures by calling (800) 781.4040 or visiting your local STA Travel branch. Book today!

Here a examples of the adventures around Latin America available with G*A*P! 
Adventures  Details  Duration  Price* 
Hummingbird Highway  Beaches, ruins, wildlife, activity, and culture in Belize and Guatemala. More >> 15 days  fr $695 
Costa Rica Hike, Bike, Raft

La Danta Private reserve, Arenal, La Fortuna,  and Monteverde! Trek deep in the jungle, bike down a volcano and whitewater raft the Reventazon and Pacuare Rivers. More >>

15 days fr $1195 
Project Machu Piccu  Lima, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Inca Train to Machu Piccu. You'll volunteer with children and women in need and hike the unforgettable and ancient Inca Trail. More >> 13 days  fr $1060 
*Prices shown are per person and do not include US- and foreign government-imposed taxes and fees associated with travel, which can be up to an additional $400 per round-trip ticket. Seats are limited and may not be available on all dates, flights and tours. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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