Green Travel

Green travel means responsible travel!

Leave as litte impact as possible on the places you visit and protect the environment both at home and during your trip.

This section of provides great tips for green travel - how to pack, how to leave your house or apartment, and how to plan for your trip.

You'll also find a great selection of Green travel adventure trips to all corners of the world.

Travel Green

Go responsibly

Tips for green travel - the do's and don'ts! STA Travel encourages students, youths and teachers to leave as little impact on the areas you visit. Here's how to do it. Show me more


Local and Loyal

Explore the UK and Ireland knowing your guides care as deeply about the environment as they do that you have a blast! Show me more

Latin America

Respectful Adventures

Explore Latin America with as little negative impact as possible. It's possible with G*A*P and STA Travel. Show me more


Leave a good impression

Leave a good impression on the amazing areas you visit in Asia. Enjoy unforgettable journeys that also have a positive impact on the environment. Show me more

Europe - Train Travel

Economical and environmentally friendly

Eurail and Eurostar are proactive in reducing their CO2 emissions to do their part to protect the environment. Show me more


Helping those in need

Programs range from one week to one year. Choose the program based on the topic or location. It's your call! Show me more

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