Hotel Ratings

STA Travel rates our hotels and hostels using our own star system. If we feel that the hotel or hostel provides a standard above or below what they say they do, we will rate them accordingly! We feel that you should be informed of the real experience that you should expect from your hotel or hostel booking. We rank properties 1-5 because we don't want to leave any standard up to interpretation. You are too important to us to do that.

1-Star Hotels

These are often simple properties catering for travelers on a budget, but who want a bit more privacy than usually available in dorms. Simply furnished, budget-style private rooms are available but they usually have a shared bathroom.

2-Star Hotels

Offering tourist class accommodation, bedrooms in 2-Star Hotels often have their own bathroom, a TV and a telephone. Great for city breaks without breaking the budget, 2-Star Hotels are usually good value for money. Be warned though, especially in European cities you may find that the room size here is a little cramped.

3-Star Hotels

The next step up, these offer a good standard of accommodation. Along with the private bathroom, TV and phone, you'll often find that 3-Star properties also have an in-house bar and restaurant. Rooms are generally comfortable and may even have additional services such as a minibar!

4-Star Hotels

In a 4-Star hotel, you should expect a clear difference in the degree of quality in the furnishings, décor and equipment. Bedrooms are often spacious and services such as porterage, 24-hour room service, laundry and dry cleaning may be available

5-Star Hotels

Expect luxury throughout, with a high level of service and probably with a price to match! Most 5-Star hotels have a swimming pool, spa, gym and a great selection of bars and restaurants.

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