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Overall rating

2.5 ticks

How NOT to run a tour 'experience'

  • by Swagman
  • male
  • Over 45
  • 27 Feb 2012
Guide/Driver did her best and was competent, but organisation of trip/programme/timing, standard of food and its preparation, toilet and shower 'facilities' were a disgrace. 'How to experience the extreme discomforts and health risks of early bush swagmen' is not the way to help people enjoy the wonderful outback. Safety in an accident/emergency was questionable. Overall felt the company was charging so much for such low standard provision. Whilst we were under way, the company told us it could not provide the full 5 day programme, and thankfully had to reduce our trip to 3 days: it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Overall rating

5 ticks

Laughs, sweat and flies!!

  • by POLLY
  • female
  • Under 26
  • 02 Apr 2009
You can't beat sleeping outside in a SWAG under the stars. Uluru was beautiful, something mystifying about it, plus our tour guide gave us a private 30 minute mini tour. Talking to my friend and i about the painitngs on the stone and what parts of the rock were used for, aborginal culture etc.