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Hotel Vondel

Nestled in amongst many a museum, shopping to the left and Vondelpark to the right...this little boutique is hip in its décor, JOOst restaurant whips up a fab breakfast (and lunch/dinner if you can squeeze it in) and the outdoor patio is terrific of a Summer`s evening with friends and drinks come sundown! Learn more >

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Hotel Vondel

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Hotel Vondel

Category 4 globes


4.3 out of 5 (3 reviews)

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  • Overall:

    4.5 ticks
  • Atmosphere4.5 ticks
  • Friendliness of Staff4.5 ticks
  • Location4.5 ticks
  • Cleanliness5 ticks
  • Facilities4 ticks
  • Safety and Security4.5 ticks
  • Value for Money4.5 ticks

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Overall rating

5 ticks

good atmospher

  • by Yohei
  • male
  • Under 26
  • 01 May 2010
a breakfast was very good. it was fantastic. i would like to go again.

Overall rating

4.5 ticks

Stylish and lovely hotel in good location

  • by Angela
  • female
  • Over 45
  • Australia
  • 27 Sep 2010
The decor and style of the hotel is very tasteful. The breakfasts are good as is the cafe and bar. It's on a lovely quiet street yet close to the museums and city centre and restaurants.

Overall rating

4 ticks

great location

  • by TIMOTHY
  • male
  • Over 45
  • Australia
  • 10 Jan 2010