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Sorry there is an error, or no hotel found with ID 3927
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Overall rating

5 ticks

great location, private rooms, most friendly staff

  • by traveller
  • female
  • Under 26
  • 22 Aug 2010
in this hostel you paid for a shared room but you got your own mini room with a bunk bed. it was great to be able to have the light on when you wanted and have a bit of privacy. it felt like me had the shower and toilet all to ourselves in our section which was great. the staff were much more friendly, you could ask them anything and they were great at recommending things to do. very clean and great location. restaurants on the same street were amazing. no breakfast here though even though STA says you do get breakfast. they do have a very clean kitchen though with a dishwasher etc

Overall rating

4 ticks

gemütliches zentrales Hostel

  • by Sophie
  • female
  • Under 26
  • Germany
  • 23 Jul 2010
Sehr kleines, aber gemütliches Hostel mit netten Mitarbeiter und super Lage.
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