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Own Hotel

Street tango, antique flea markets, romantic promenades at dusk...these are just a few of the countless unforgettable moments possible in fabulous BA! Enjoy them all from the hottest hotel in town, Own Hotel! Superb service, even better entertainment, plus a décor and atmosphere to die for. This hotel will truly put the icing on the cake for your Latino adventure! Learn more >

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Own Hotel

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Own Hotel

Category 4 globes

Buenos Aires,

3.5 out of 5 (2 reviews)

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  • Overall:

    3.5 ticks
  • Atmosphere3.5 ticks
  • Friendliness of Staff4 ticks
  • Location4.5 ticks
  • Cleanliness3 ticks
  • Facilities2.5 ticks
  • Safety and Security4 ticks
  • Value for Money3.5 ticks

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Overall rating

4 ticks

G Adventures Famil - Argentina and Brazil

  • by Mark Larwood
  • 21 Nov 2013

STA Staff review
Staff review

Hotel San Martin (I think!). Excellent location just off the main street, the obelisk and within 20 mins of most shops and bars.

Overall rating

3.5 ticks

South Americaaaaaaahhh

  • by Jacqui Angus
  • 22 Jul 2013
Hotel Carrson: Small and simple. Fine for an overnight stay - would probably stay somewhere else for a longer period though