Corona D`italia

A splendid hotel in a supreme location, the Corona d`Italia and its American bar occupies a 17th-century refurbished building that stands next to the daily handicraft market, within walking distance of all the attractions. Learn more >

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Corona D`italia

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Corona D`italia

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4.1 out of 5 (1 review)

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    4.5 ticks
  • Atmosphere4 ticks
  • Friendliness of Staff4 ticks
  • Location5 ticks
  • Cleanliness4 ticks
  • Facilities4 ticks
  • Safety and Security4 ticks
  • Value for Money4 ticks

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Overall rating

4.5 ticks

Perfect location, good service

  • by GAETANO
  • male
  • Over 45
  • Australia
  • 16 Aug 2010
Location and helpfullness of staff.